Cannabis Content

Cannabis Content

Things have changed dramatically in the world of marketing... People have become savvy to things like advertising and marketing and strategies that worked before are just not working anymore.

You know what I am talking about... We know when we are being “sold” on something.  And quite frankly, for a lot of us, this is not only a turn-off, it also makes us lose trust in the product or brand.


“In a world of overused marketing jargon, the STORY always stands out” – Thomas Scott


This is why building trust through story-telling is the new the new form of marketing. And by me telling your story - about your products, philosophies and happy customers - I help you make a meaningful connection with your audience.  That way, you cultivate the trust of your readers and customers. Making you their go-to source for value and credibility.

And in this game, credibility and trust is everything.  Because that is what is at the heart of every transaction.  It is what closes the gap between someone knowing about you and someone buying from you.

As humans, we want to connect in a meaningful way.  We also want honest opinions from trusted sources. This is why an increasing number of brands embrace a content strategy as their new form of marketing.


“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis


I do this by creating relevant, valuable and informative content in the form of:

- Blog Articles
- Case Studies
- Longform Content e.g. eBooks, Manuals & Guides