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Lieze Boshoff Cannabis Content & Copywriter is a content and copywriting service, specialising in telling the extraordinary and individual stories of cannabis businesses.

Let's create your unique and memorable brand identity by creating copy that inspires your audience to action and content that engages your tribe.

Lieze Boshoff Cannabis Content & Copy is a content and copywriting agency, specialising in telling the unique and individual stories of cannabis businesses. Let us create your unique and memorable brand identity by creating actionable copy and engaging content for your cannabis business.

Let's set your Cannabis Brand apart from the competition... Start the conversation.


lieze boshoff cannabis content & copywriter service - copy

Cannabis Copy

Actionable copy that guides visitors through your website, tell them what they need to know about you & what to do next.

lieze boshoff cannabis content & copywriter service - content

Cannabis Content

Engaging content that builds trust by providing value and credibility to establish your brand authority.

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What Clients Say

Having worked with a couple of other writers who were good but were not able to take my vision and put it into words, Lieze handled my frustrations and turned them into hope.
She nailed it on the first draft!
It was way beyond my expectations and I’m so happy to have such a talented writer added to my team. I look forward to working with her on future projects!!

Chris Grebisz CEO, Mermaid Wizdom

Objectivity is crucial in the cannabis debate. Lieze’s work fully meets this criterium and is therefore of great value to us.
With her thorough research, attention to detail as well as her objective approach to the different aspects of this complex issue, she is a welcome addition to our organization as well as to the market position of cannabis consumers.
Her passion for the profession is evident in her writing.

Dimitri Breeuwer Chairman, CannaWijzer Foundation

Anyone can put words on paper.  But the right words, in the right order…?

That you leave to an experienced professional like Lieze, whom, with her talent, insight, creativity and tirelessness has shown us how powerful content can actually be.

We will certainly continue to work with Lieze in the future.

Daan van Adrichem Co-Founder, Cannabis in Town

It’s been a real success to work with Lieze, who is talented, engaged and very proactive in her way of working.

We will certainly continue working with her for content creation in the future.

Loic Aubonney CEO, uWeed


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